Rubbish, recycling and organics

Our three-bin kerbside service reduces waste going to landfill. By putting the right items in the right bin, you’re helping our city to reduce waste and save money.

Organics – green bin

By putting the right stuff in the green bin, you’re helping us to make our organic compost. We take food and garden waste. Collected weekly

Recycling – yellow bin

Put the right stuff in the yellow bin, it helps us to recycle.
Paper, cardboard, cans, glass, plastic bottles and containers. Collected every two weeks.

Rubbish – red bin

By putting the right stuff in the red bin, you’re keeping the other bins free of contaminants.
Collected every two weeks.

Find my collection day

Find the collection day and details for wheelie bins, inner-city bag collections and community collection points.

EcoDrop transfer stations and recycling centres

Locations for disposing of large quantities of waste or items that are not collected through the wheelie bin service.

My bins

Information on your wheelie bins, including reporting lost, stolen or missing bins and changing bin sizes.

How we're going

Fact, stats and grants on rubbish and recycling in Christchurch.

Hazardous waste

Learn about the safe disposal of hazardous items. These include BBQ gas bottles, helium bottles, car batteries, fire extinguishers butane camping gas and more

Bin item lookup

Find out what goes in each bin, or what can be dropped off for free at the EcoDrop recycling centre.